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A weekly podcast where we talk about web development, design, and all things tech while enjoying a nice craft brew.

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    009: MVC

    ITE we talk about the MVC software design pattern or architecture. We present a high level overview of the three layers of MVC: Model, View, and Controller.

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    008: Back-end Development

    In this episode we talk about back-end development and some of the tools we've been using lately to code, manage, and deploy. We also talk about our history with PHP and Laravel. Also setting up to develop a Laravel app with Windows/IIS on the back-end, and the importance of matching your dev environment to the production environment as much as possible.

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    007: Oktoberfest

    We talk about the origins and history of Oktoberfest. We also talk about what we like about beer, and a quote commonly attributed to Ben Franklin.

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    006: Front-end Development

    In this episode we talk about the different components of front-end development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some related tools.

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    005: Code Editors and IDEs

    In this episode we talk about different code editors and IDEs (integrated development environments) we've worked with in the past and currently.

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    004: Static Sites vs Web Apps

    In this episode we talk about some of the differences between static sites and web apps. We also talk about the "hottest" phone in the market at the moment, and a MySQL vulnerability.

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    003: Questions When Starting New Client Work

    In this episode we talk about some important questions to ask a client when starting a new project. These are based on our past experiences doing client work. We also kinda talk about camping in Big Bear, CA and ready-to-brew coffee packs.

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    002: A Look Back at the Web

    In this episode we take a look back at the early days of the web. We talk about how we used to connect to the Internet and the way things were back in the day. We also talk about the iPhone 7 announcement.

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    001: Origins

    In this first episode we introduce ourselves and we talk about how we got started in tech and how we became web developers.